I think if you were to ask members of our gym, their family members or even our staff to use a few words to describe TWP there would definitely be a common theme. I hear words like “community” “safe” and “positive” a lot in my day to day. I think TWP is just special, it’s a place that people go to for themselves in a world of always putting others first. It’s a place people come to conquer goals, and I think thats pretty cool.

Ladies, we all know that finding a new gym can be difficult. It can be a gruelling process of hopping from one ‘get ripped, die trying’ facility to the next. But what if you could workout everyday with a close-knit community of strong, beautiful women, have access to knowledgeable trainers, and attended a variety of fun all fitness-level classes? I’m here to tell you that you can have all of those things – The Woman’s Place may be just the gym you were searching for.

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TWP Fitness Inc is the only all women’s fitness facility in Kelowna has built a safe and encouraging atmosphere focusing on the importance of physical fitness, nutrition and mental wellness being equals. As a member, you are provided with the skills to create a healthy lifestyle that is attainable both inside and outside of the gym. To get right down to it, they care. They genuinely want you to succeed and provide you the tools (instructors, classes and workout plans) to do so. It’s so inspiring to see so many happy, beautiful women under one roof – working towards a common goal and encouraging each other to get there.

The gym recently changed over ownership in December 2016. I had the opportunity to sit down for a Q&A with one of new owners, Taylor  to ask about how this beautiful facility is able to create such a refreshing approach to health and fitness!

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Q: Your family recently took over TWP, can you explain this journey? Do you think running the gym as a family business will have an impact on your success?

A; My Family took ownership in mid December! However we have been involved with TWP for quite some time. My sister has been an employee of TWP for 4 years prior, and is extremely passionate and intelligent about all things health and fitness. My Mother and myself have been loyal members for years! I grew up playing sports and have always remained quite active. TWP helped me continue to do so and gain the knowledge to train more specifically. The gym and their always brilliant instructors and trainers are what initially sparked my interest in pursuing a career in this industry! My mother Lisa, has made an incredible life transformation over the past 7 years. She was never active growing up, she was a smoker and had no interest in physical activity! It wasn’t until her early 40’s that she really understood the importance of health and fitness. Now, she is so dedicated to her health and it has drastically changed her life!

Running TWP as a family is an incredible blessing and my greatest dream come true. How often do we get to say that? The 5 of us share the same passion for leading healthy lives and we also quite enjoy spending time with each other which has become extremely convenient! We are a close family and share very much the same core values while still bringing different skills to the table. I think we are very fortunate to have the team that we do! Ashley understands the industry very well and is the super organized, go-getter, schedule-maker girl. She is a trainer by day and front desk manager by night! Brock, (Ashley’s Fiancé) is our crazy-smart numbers guy who does all of things us girls don’t have the patience or the skills to do! Mom is our super-business-genius! We are so lucky to be able to pick her brain on this journey when it comes to making smart business decisions! Joe, my dad has a full time job with The Kelowna Fire Department, so he is our part time Mr. Fix it! I’ve taken control of Social Media, along with all things technological and pretty. As you can see, we aren’t big on titles, and we are ALL part time janitors!

Q: How is TWP involved in the Kelowna community? Do you partner with other local businesses?

TWP has always been involved in the community, as it has been in Kelowna for over 30 years! Since mid December we have made some really exciting partnerships with Local Businesses that we believe share our Core Values! We have loved working with Cherry Hill Coffee, Glow Juicery Kelowna, Mother Love Kombucha, Beyond Nutrition and Okanagan College. We have also made some connections with other Health and Wellness facilities such as First Strike Martial Arts, IFM Therapy and Performance and Float Space. We are also very excited about our newest partnership with Spartan Race Canada!  We are grateful for the opportunity to bring a female presence into a male dominated race, and we are thrilled to be competing at Sun Peaks September 23, for our first of many Spartan Races!  We are extremely passionate about creating a community of Health and Fitness Professionals who work closely together to provide only the best for our clients while also sharing similar attitudes towards supporting local businesses!

Q: Does TWP support any local/national charities?

With 5 of us overseeing TWP we have many hands to continue giving back to our community. We are actively supporting CARE Canada, we actually just had their 2nd Annual “Walk in her Shoes” event this past weekend and TEAM TWP made up 30 of 85 runners! We work closely with Canadian Mental Health Society, Mamas for Mamas, Shoe Bank Canada and Kelowna Professional Firefighters Charitable Society. We play an active roll in supporting many local organizations through Race Warm ups, Water stations and simply raising awareness! We also Sponsor a few teams such as the Kelowna Breast Cancer Paddling Team, providing space to train during off season!

Q: What kind of classes do you have? Does TWP support all fitness levels? Personal training?

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TWP has a lot going on all the time! We have around 70 group fitness classes a week! There is definitely something for everyone! From low impact classes such as Barre, Zumba, Belly Fit, yoga and Sculpt. To extremely high intensity classes such as HIIT, bootcamps, step, cycle and sculpt and indoor cycling.

The beautiful thing about TWP is that you can look into any group fitness class and you will see all ages, all fitness levels doing the same exercises in 20 different ways. It’s pretty inspirational. We do quite a lot of Personal Training and we also have continuous 4 week cycles of Small Group Training which has become extremely popular. Small Group is anywhere from 4-6 women who work out with a trainer once or twice a week together receiving that individual attention with the accountability and energy of a group! We also offer “Whole Being” packages that provide Personal Training, Nutrition Programs with our Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Coaching from our Positive Psychologist and Conscious Life Coach. Our goal is to show women that health is about how you feel, and about being kind to yourself and finding what helps you enjoy being at the gym; setting attainable goals to create a healthy lifestyle that lasts! Crash diets and scales are OUT, and creating a positive vibe around health and fitness is IN!

Last words
I can confidently say that becoming a member of TWP in 2011 changed my life. Ladies, I encourage you to give this gym a try. Your mind and body will thank you.



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