Jade from Wolfette Styling has proven that hard work, determination, (and a whole lot of glitter) can go a long way! We sit down with Jade to chat about her journey into the fashion world and how her Kelowna-born company has grown into an international success!
Where does your love for fashion styling come from? 

Growing up, I was SURROUNDED by artistic expression! My mom is incredibly creative and has always incorporated a means of art of into our lives. I was never taught fashion styling or directing, however I was taught how to express myself creatively! My passion to create began at a very young age, and over time fashion became my favourite medium.

What inspires you? Both in fashion and in life.

SUNSHINE ! Retro aesthetics, COLOUR and kind human beings 🙂

Share the journey of how Wolfette Styling came to be. How did Wolfette Styling transition from a ‘side-hustle’ to a full-time gig?

Wolfette Styling has never really been a “side-hustle” for me. Since day one, I devoted more hours in a week to my passion than I ever did working my serving job. Yes, it totally overcame my life!! And it still does … haha. As far as, how I transitioned to leaving my serving job, it was quite abrupt!

In my second year of Wolfette Styling, I was producing small amounts of income every month. Over time, this grew to more and more, until I hit a max! I simply wouldn’t progress if I didn’t eliminate this JOB out of life. But that’s scary! And doesn’t leave me with a secure source of income to fall back on! I got over that pretty fast, (with the help of a few very inspiring people I surround myself with). I hired an assistant and learnt to ask for help, to ask MORE questions, to take more leaps and even more risks (mentally and financially). 

Tell me about your team and creative atmosphere.
Wolfette Styling works with many different makeup artists, models, photographers and videographers. Although, I do have my favourites 🙂 And anyone who follows my work can see this! Hehe. Our atmosphere is energized and professional, usually absurd and ALWAYS inspiring. Anyone I work with is incredibly passionate about their skills and willing to do just about anything to make it happen!!!

Describe your vision. Do you have a Wolfette Styling ‘guidelines’ or do you create freely on each project?
Each project is different. I definitely have an aesthetic that I’m known for, but I don’t ever stick to any guidelines. In some cases, sequin panties just AREN’T appropriate and that SUCKS!!

But – I have an understanding of each company, artist, or brand’s purpose and style. This is what I think makes Wolfette Styling so versatile and adaptable!

Can you share your creative process from the first ‘Eureka!’ moment to the finished product?
Well, my process is actually a little bit backwards. These “Eureka!” moments usually don’t tend to occur until a couple days before we shoot. I work best in the moment and with just a little bit of pressure. Letting ideas manifest in my mind long before a project are key for me. I like to bounce ideas off of others and pay attention to my surroundings always with a concept in the back of my mind.
Can you tell us about a current project you are working on?

Not a chance, surprises are way more fun. I can tell you it will be shot in the dessert starring some of your favourite childhood cartoon characters though 😉

What’s the big picture? Is it fashion styling your dream job or is that a stepping stone to something bigger?
Well, at one point fashion styling was the bigger picture and a year ago, creative directing was the bigger picture ! I’m constantly evolving into different roles and LEARNING. I really only allow myself to look to about a year in advance, anything past that is just too unpredictable. I don’t have any plans to slow down, that’s for sure.

Do you have any advise for aspiring young creators just like you?
Follow every single one of your wildest dreams and always trust your GUT.

A workaholic who in her spare time loves backpacking, photography, and running. Passionate about nutrition and self love. Proud co-owner of One Peak Digital Marketing.

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