In desperate need of a little outdoor therapy but the schedule is looking tight? Check out these 5 “quickies” near Vancouver which can get you that outdoor fix – stat!

We’ll make it quick and to the point.

Stanley Park

We definitely couldn’t make this list without mentioning the biggest park in North America. Forget the “I just don’t have time” excuse with this one, it’s literally right in the city – our big backyard! Planning a shopping day downtown or heading to dinner in the evening? Tag some extra time onto your Vancouver activity and explore the park to get in that dose of the outdoors. Run the trails, bike the seawall or have a picnic in the grass!

Time from Vancouver: (It is Vancouver)
Exploring time: As long as you want
Difficulty: Easy

Lynn Canyon Park

What’s awesome about this walk through the green is that you can make it as long you like. Do the entire Lynn Canyon Loop or simply check out the view points from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge or Twin Falls. Lush trees, well maintained trails and Insta-worthy suspension bridge – what more could you ask for in a pinch?

Time from Vancouver: 25ish mins
Exploring time: As long as you want
Difficulty: Easy

Burnaby Lake

Head out the burbs for a little R&R! Burnaby Lake has some beautiful walking/running trails that are easy visit on any busy schedule. Bring the pup for some outdoor time or take some photos near the lake at golden hour. Bonus – this one is accessible by Skytrain!

Time from Vancouver: 15ish mins
Exploring time: As long as you want
Difficulty: Easy

Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock just might be one of the most hiked trails in Vancouver. This is mostly because it’s easy to get to (Hello Translink!), a beginner trail grade and quick to accomplish. Some might argue that the delicious donuts at the bottom are a selling point as well (I’m definitely pro-donut). Trust me, the view at the top doesn’t disappoint and it won’t take up your entire Saturday if you’ve got errands to run. Interested? Check out this feature article for more info!

Time from Vancouver: 20ish mins
Hike time: 1.5 hours to the top and back
Difficulty: Easy

Whytcliff Park

Definitely not a “hike” in my books but a great little place to explore to get that outdoor fix. Take a walk along the seaside trails, have a picnic in the park or stroll the main beach (keep your eyes out for divers and rock climbers!).

Time from Vancouver: 30ish mins
Exploring time: As long as you want


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