If you haven’t tuned into episode 004 of The Meg Project Podcast – get on it! The show features Kristin, a powerhouse entrepreneur who founded Hoochy Booch, a local craft kombucha company in Vancouver. She’s taking the health market by storm here in the Lower Mainland – and shares with us what it took to build her brand, create demand and put her products on the shelf. DEFINITELY a ‘must-listen’ if you have ever thought of putting your own product into market.

Haven’t tuned in yet? Check it out here!

Let’s recap! Here are the three top takeaways from the show:

1.  Branding is KEY
The Hoochy Booch brand has evolved immensely since Kristin first started selling kombucha to friends and family out of her home. But the transition wasn’t easy. She scratched what seemed like 100 designs, desperate to find the right fit for her business. Luckily, she found a killer designer who made the beautiful brand what it is today (and apparently also writes emails like poetry – nice perk!). Take it from me. The product seriously stands out against the others on the shelves – a must in such a saturated market. So take her tips – find a designer that suits you best. And don’t cheap out, the investment will be worth it in the end.








Quite the change from the early days above..

2. Creativity fuels passion
One part of the podcast I enjoyed most was witnessing Kristin’s passion when it came to talking about inventing new kombucha flavours. It’s clear how much love she puts into concockting and creating new flavour profiles for her customers. The unique Hoochy Booch flavour lineup definitely sets them apart from the competition. They go further than the traditional ginger or hibiscus,common in most kombuchas, and have taken it one step further with flavours like Lady Grey, Bellini, Tumeric Tonic and even one that tastes like a blue slurpee (for reals). Just goes to show that you can really find creativity in anything (including fermented tea)!

3. Find your why
I LOVE THIS. As soon as the words came out of her mouth I was buzzing. I cannot stress how important this is when starting any business, or creative endeavour for that matter. I’m all for diving into a new passion or project (do it and do it often). BUT – remember to ask yourself.. “Why?”. Taking time to set goals and intentions for your new venture will help to keep you on track and pursue your passion with purpose.

Well there you have it – I don’t want to give too much away)! If you haven’t check it out, definitely give this show a listen. Kristin is a rockstar and I’m sure you will think so to!

Connect with Hoochy Booch
Instagram: @hoochybooch


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